Wednesdays 10-11 am, 6 Weeks
Wednesdays 10-11 am, 6 Weeks

The Joy of Seeing - Introduction To Mindfulness and Photography


Course Description

This 6 week introduction course is suitable for those with a keen interest in photography and a curiosity about how mindfulness can be applied to creativity. Mindful photography enables us to slow down and use our sense of seeing though the lens of a camera or smartphone to become more aware and connected to the present moment. You will learn a range of empowering mindfulness meditation techniques and other tools that help to develop new habits and skills in both your daily life and photography. Encouraging a sense of fun and fresh perspective, insights on image composition and different photography genres are included along with some basic technical elements. Learn to experience and see the world around you with fresh perspective to reveal a richness, beauty and depth we often miss.

Course fee is €170.00, some concession rates available.

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Course Dates

Summer 2024

What's Included?

  • 6 weekly 60 minute group class over Zoom
  • Simple weekly optional photography assignments
  • Access and support from the photography and mindfulness coach at anytime
  • Useful handouts covering course content
  • Guided audio meditations for download
  • Separate 1 on 1 feedback sessions for each participant