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We offer a range of practical mindfulness training for businesses including scientifically validated programs used globally. Flexible online and in house options to suit the needs of your staff along with 1 to 1 coaching are available.
Our resources section introduces key international scientific research on some of the practical benefits of mindfulness. It can help to improve concentration and focus, reduce stress while encouraging greater empathy and resilience.

Take 15 – Take 30
Take 15 – Take 30

Live Daily Workplace Taster Programs

What’s included?

The live daily workplace taster programs are currently run online over 4 week cycles via Microsoft Teams. We build the practice of mindfulness through frequent shorter 15 or 30 minute training slots. Clients can choose from a mix of set days each week with fixed times to meet their organisation’s needs. Participants are introduced to a range of different mindfulness meditation practices along with helpful insights on some key neuroscience research and principles. Take 1 mindful tips sent regularly over the training provides additional support in helping to bring mindfulness into daily routines. Access to the mindfulness coach is available anytime throughout these 4 week live taster programs.

For further details or to sign up a group get in touch.

What are the Benefits?

  • Help build and deepen connection among teams through short breaks from busy schedules to collaborate on a well being initiative together
  • Begin to learn what mindfulness is, why it matters and how to practice it
  • Learn practical tools and options to help cultivate mindfulness at work together
  • Opportunity to develop new daily habits for self care and resilience
  • Make an informed choice about more in depth learning on mindfulness